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About Us

Aman Itomi, known as the "jeweler to the stars", specializes in designing and expertly crafting handmade, one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Using different mediums of precious metals, Aman designs each jewelry piece with unique and beautiful semi and precious gems from around the world.

The air and the spirit of two great American cities from which he resides - Los Angeles and New York City have influenced Aman’s creativity and inspiration for the designs in his art.

Aman is quoted as saying "I'm inspired by nature and have a love of stones from a very early age. I often collect beautiful coral, seashells, and fill my pockets with rocks collected during our family summer vacations at various beaches. Even today, whether visiting the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands or walking up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California, I still collect and place stones in my pockets."

United with his visionary genius and uncompromising attention to detail, Aman continuously looks for, and selects precious gems to design stunning pieces of wearable art as he travels the globe. As a self-professed student of ancient cultures, Aman has a passion and commitment for crafting his jewelry by seamlessly marrying the rich traditions of the past with his bold, unique, and modern aesthetic imagination.

Aman's respect for a myriad of heritages, blended with his vision of the future, allows him to conceive timeless creations that can be appreciated by both current and future generations who can cherish his wearable art for decades to come.

To be unique is to wear a piece from "The Aman Itomi Jewelry Collection."